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Do you need help or advice with Novacura Flow or your business processes? Do you have knowledge or thoughts that you want to share? Do you want to download a ready-to-run application or a workflow template to use as a base for your new project? Or do you just want to know more about Novacura Flow?

Well, then this is the place for you.

Flow Store

Here you have the Flow Store where you can get standard workflows. Ready to run. Just download and import to your own environment. Use it as it is or modify it to your own specific needs to create a business unique app, in no time.

If you have good workflows that you want to share, please send them to us! We will make sure that they work in our reference environment before published in the Flow Store. And, once published, you will receive credits that can be used to download other workflows. So by sharing you will get something in return!

Flow Talk

If you want to discuss an application, the Novacura Flow platform or any business related issue, we think that you will find the Flow Talk very useful.

Search in all discussions to find what you need, or make a new post if you like. Someone in the community will see your post and reply.

And if you have an idea of how we can improve Novacura Flow, Flow Talk is the place to put it!


In the Knowledge area you will find a lot of useful stuff for Novacura Flow, such as installation guides and manuals, for downloading.

Are you new to Novacura Flow®?

Novacura Flow is a leading and innovative platform for creating model driven business applications, that executes on top of your existing Business Systems (such as SAP, IFS Applications, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Maximo, Oracle or Infor M3). It is a truley agile platform and the time from idea to executable application is a matter of hours or days.

The applications you create can be executed natively on practically any device – anytime and anywhere. Online or offline. The freedom is total and it is all about your business, your business processes and the people who gets the job done.

If you want to know more about Novacura Flow, we suggest that you visit the homepage of Novacura Flow or contact us at Novacura.

Happy Flowing!